Illustration and Design

hoopla cruiser and sunglasses

I designed a new cruiser skateboard and sunglasses for hoopla skateboards!


Spunk Skate Zine #2

I’ve been having some fun drawing cartoons for Spunk Skate Zine! Here’s the 2nd one..


Spunk Skate Zine #1

Here’s the first interactive cartoon I drew for


2011 Vans Combi Pool Classic Logo

Here is the 2011 Combi Pool Classic Logo I designed for Vans!


Nikita Clothing design

Here’s a t-shirt design I made for Nikita’s 2011 Fall/Winter streetwear line. I worked from a painting I had previously made. Look for my bear design to hit the streets in the fall!


2010 Vans Combi Pool Classic Logo

Here’s a logo I designed for Vans. I created the name and logo by combining hand-drawn elements with Adobe Illustrator.


Hoopla Skateboards Name & Logo

I created the hoopla name and logo for Skate One Corp. I drew the elephant by hand and created the hoopla logo in Illustrator. I heavily assist on all graphics and colorways.


Fadi Gear iPhone Case

Here’s an illustration I did for an iphone case company called, Fadi Gear.  


Unicorn Tattoo for 187 Pads

Unicorn temporary tattoos I created for 187 pads. I drew the unicorn by hand and then added to the design on my computer. These are apparently popular with the Roller Derby Girls!


GSN Logo

I designed the Girl’s Skateboarding Network logo for Lisa over at She has now merged both of her websites.