Babes on Boards 2011 • Houston, Texas

I went out to Houston, TX this past weekend for the 3rd annual Babes on Boards event. Lots of girls came out to skate- and I noticed alot of new faces too. We skated in record breaking heat (100 degrees) all morning and then finished off the day swimming at Lori’s pool in the afternoon. I also got to chat with “Greasemunkey” Saturday night on ESPN radio in Houston. We discussed the growing numbers in girl’s skateboarding, and also of ESPN’s announcement to drop women’s vert this year at X Games. Thanks to Lori Peltier for the hospitality and to hoopla and Vans for supporting this event.


First stop, Texas BBQ!


A little creepy on the inside, but it was worth it


Early birds at the skatepark

Taught the girls how to set-up their skateboards

And then how to actually skate

Grace is only 5 years old!

Christin learned how to skate at the 1st Babes on Boards event. She has come along way!

Mandatory group shot

Lori’s backyard swimming pool and mini-ramp set-up!

ESPN radio Saturday night

We hooked up the host (Greasemunkey) with a hoopla complete for his daughter.

Thanks, Houston!

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